Does the camera actually work as a light?
– Yes the FocoCam has 3 x LED’s that are each 1 Watt that emit a soft white light.

The light can turn on automatically by a low light sensor or and can on manually

via the iPC360 App.
There is also a dimmer control via the App.
Can the Camera record video and audio
– Yes the FocoCam can record video and audio when an optional micro SD card
is installed.
What light socket connections are supported?
– E27 and E26 sockets are supported.
Can the camera be installed in a lamp?
– Yes there is even horizontal and vertical viewing modes in the iPC360 App
Can the camera be installed outside?
– The FocoCam is designed for indoor use and is not water proof however if it is
installed in a covered area that is not exposed to water the camera will work out
What happens if the light is switched off?
– The FocoCam of course requires to be turned on to function so it is
recommended to cover the light switch or have an electrician short the switch
on.  If the power is disconnected to the camera it will continue to operate as
normal once the power is restored.
I have no light socket where I want the camera installed, what can I do?
– We recommend your electrician makes a simple installation of a light socket
and then you can install the FocoCam very simply with no need to pay a
technician also you are the only person to have the password for your private
Does the camera have guarantee?
-Yes 12 month factory guarantee
Can I have more than 1 Camera installed?
– Yes you can have as many as you like.  Each FocoCam is independent and
can be accessed via the iPC360 App.  You need to ensure each camera has
strong WiFi signal.
Can I distribute your products?
– Please send an email to sales@fococam.com